The answer lies within our bodies.

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I was browsing through Amazon, ordering books for myself as a birthday gift. I picked two books suggested by my besties, one of which happened to be Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

I am and will always be grateful for that moment.

Reading has been a part of who…

Nobel Prize Winner, Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, Fast and Slow brought to light concepts that explain it.

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Representation matters.

I and my daughter love to discuss ideas and concepts and the world in general. During one of our conversations, I decided to try an experiment I had read about.

I called out a profession, and she responded with the gender. It was an eye-opening exercise for both…

It is ok. We are humans. We have emotions.

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Life happens. Situations happen. People happen.

Sometimes, there isn’t much we can do about it.

I can say this with a Zen mind now because the situation is not happening as I write.

A few days ago, Zen was not what I was feeling. Zombie was more like it. I knew I was absorbing other people’s…

Unpopular opinion alert. Use the damn screen.

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Dear Parents,

Let’s not forget that we are living through a pandemic, as we have done for the past 2ish years.

In many parts of the world like in India, the kids have not gone back to school. In Melbourne, they are home every few weeks with our lockdowns.

We are living…

We deserve to feel and embrace the magic of life.

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I just got off YouTube watching Elizabeth Gilbert talk. It is an old interview from when her book “Big Magic” was released.

Big Magic, is the most beautiful and magical book I have read. As a writer, that book spoke to my soul. I bought that book during a vacation…

Boundaries are wrapped up in all kinds of biases.

We are born into a family.
That family has relationships.
We have siblings and cousins.
We grow up with neighbors.
We go to school. Interact with teachers and peers.
We make friends.
We have romantic relationships.
We get married. …

I figured out the why to beat it.

Have you ever wondered why you snooze no matter how determined you are to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off?

I have. For years.

2 books made me realize I had conditioned my brain to snooze the alarm. Snoozing was now a habit. …

What does your contribution to the world look like?

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What is your legacy towards a more respectful society?

Yesterday, I was aghast at the news of Afghanistan. I took an hour off from work and just sat on my chair, tears rolling down my eyes. I am not from Afghanistan. I know no one personally from Afghanistan. …

Raji Pillay

I bring my love for books, coffee, technology and life in general to my writing. Blockchain has caught my fancy and I am exploring it as I write.

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