The answer lies within our bodies.

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I was browsing through Amazon, ordering books for myself as a birthday gift. I picked two books suggested by my besties, one of which happened to be Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

I am and will always be grateful for that moment.

Reading has been a part of who I am and the books have shaped my perspective about life and the world we inhabit. This book drove home the meaning of “a book can change your life.” I sat my 9-year-old daughter down and explained some concepts from the book. …

Have you ever been smitten by someone’s thought process and wondered at their prowess?

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Who Is A Thought Leader?

An expert in her field.

Thought leaders are not only SME’s in their fields. They understand how their field of knowledge fits in with the entire ecosystem.

They are like stock trading experts. They are mindful of the shifts a socio-political changes that can impact the stocks. They are experts in understanding the stocks and their movements. They bet on their knowledge.

Thought Leaders understand the birth and journey of their field of knowledge. They understand the pattern and the tipping points.

With an overarching understanding of the ecosystem and the deep knowledge of their field, they are able to…

Chanakya’s teachings in ruling an empire are how society exerts control

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Guilt is society’s voice speaking in your head. Guilt is society programming you so effectively that you become your own warden. -Naval Ravikant

Society or culture has a pre-defined set of rules or a framework if you will, that is designed for us to adhere to. I would like to believe it is to have some sort of semblance to human life and contain some chaos.

Traffic rules are the best example of what this framework has given us. It works, it provides safety, rule-breaking is appropriately penalized. …

Lessons are significant and every person who learned to cook as an adult will relate.

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Every life experience is a lesson. Do you agree?

As a brown girl, stereotypically I should have been taught to cook at a very young age. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was a straight-A student and my parents preferred to see me with my nose in a book instead of my hands in the kitchen.

One day I got married. One day I had to learn to run a home with my husband. One day I had to start cooking.

We can debate all that we want, whether I needed to learn cooking or not. The fact remains when I got…

Everyday things to move into an abundance mindset.

Thoughts Create Reality (source: Author)

Let’s Look At Reality

Our brains are triggered by thoughts. These thoughts are driven by our immediate environment and experiences.

The brain sends a signal to different cells in our body to create chemicals/hormones in our bodies, which make us feel the way we are thinking.

These feelings trigger the same thoughts so that the same chemicals can be created to make us feel the same way.

We act according to how we feel.

If we are thinking and feeling the same every day, we are acting on auto-pilot and we create the same reality through our actions and focus.

The science behind this…

Self-love starts with owning the sum of all parts.

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Be your own Number 1, always.

There, I can end this article with that one sentence. Sayonara?

I will continue because there is a catch. Isn’t there always?

A Bollywood movie “Jab We Met” is a classic case of apparent self-love, which is restored only with that special someone.

The female protagonist “Geet” at the start of the movie is heard saying “Mai Apni Favourite Hoon” (I am my favorite). This dialog became legendary with the women population at that time. …

Understanding consensus through Bitcoin and Ethereum 2.0.

Consensus means “a general agreement”.

Decentralization in blockchain works through multiple nodes working together. Nodes group transactions together into a block and then adds it to the chain.

I need to read more from women authors.

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I used to think non-fiction books are all frill and fluff.

I have to admit my naivety in a multitude of life lessons. One being, non-fiction books are fluff, especially leadership and management. Forgive me for being so dense.

Starting this article also made me aware that I have not read books authored by women around leadership/management/business. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is the only exception, but I would not add it to the same category.

I would categorize an array of books under this title. We learn and absorb lessons through different stories. …

And no, they are still not enough.

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Every time I hear, wow so many women-oriented movies nowadays, I internally roll my eyes. I was reading a book where the main protagonist is a woman and a friend said “You read only women-led books that is why you are such a feminist”. I didn’t know how to respond, considering this was coming from someone who doesn’t read.

During the last fight scene of Avengers Endgame, where all the women come together, literally everyone I watched it with commented on the women fighting together. …

Raji Pillay

I bring my love for books, coffee, technology and life in general to my writing. Blockchain has caught my fancy and I am exploring it as I write.

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