The story is soulful with a touch of magic.

The first time I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho was a decade ago. My friend and I happened to discuss the book and wondered why it was such rage then. Neither of us remembered much, except that the book was about a boy traveling through the desert trying to make some wind.

A few days later The Alchemist showed up on a rack while shopping for stationery. I felt drawn to read it again and make sense of why it is popular.

There were three reasons I picked it again. 1. What was it about the book? 2. Paulo…

First step

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When I started my career in Tech as a 20 something I was quite amused by all the women in tech initiatives. The number of women around me seemed “enough”. The dearth of women in leadership positions never dawned on me. To my young naïve eyes, everything seemed normal.

Here I was a girl in tech, a very good one at it. Why did I need an initiative like “Women In Tech”? Why did anyone need one? Wasn’t it up to each individual to carve out the space they want?

I had failed to recognize the privilege I was born…

Follow Nike’s slogan and just do it.

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All of us have those whimsical goals on our lists. Some of our goals are to make us feel good or at times they give us a sense of achievement or appease our wonder.

Being able to do a handstand, was one of them for me.

Picture of a handstand was on my vision board for years. I attempted it a few times inconsistently and got very easily disappointed. However, being able to do a handstand never lost its appeal.

Mid 2020, my brother motivated me to give it a go again.

Here is what I did and it worked.

YouTube It

Look up videos to understand the basics of…

#3 Let them be

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As a kid, I devoured books. Tinkle and Champak comics bring back my earliest memories of books.

I read anything and everything I could find.

My brother on the other hand became a reader in his 20s. Propelled by my love for reading, our mother got subscriptions for all the comics I used to read as a kid.

Alas, my brother didn’t even look at them. Instead, I savored all those comics even in my teens.

My mother finally gave up on getting him to read.

Later in life, he found his love for personal development and found a common…

Flow State is Love — Healthy Love

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Flow State: Mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus

I have an affinity for self-improvement books. With the time at hand in 2020, I breezed through a handful. They all had one thing in common -Flow State. Or being in a flow state.

Flow state lights up the neural networks during and leads to a spiritual experience.

It made me ponder. It made me curious about if and when I enjoyed the privilege of being in the focus zone.

I curated the below list basis a superficial look at…

My daughter doesn't want to. I hope she doesn't have to.

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An Indian-Australian peacefully settled in Melbourne doesn’t need to be overly excited about the American election. The truth is the world was and is watching how the drama is playing out, including my 9-year-old.

My 9-year-old had walked up to me saying I really hope Trump doesn’t win. Her response to why do you care: Too many silly ads about Trump when I watch youtube and it needs to stop. It consumes my screen time.

We were convinced the logic was valid. It was impacting her life per se.

To me, the Biden-Harris win was more about Kamala than Biden.

Books can come knocking at your soul. Listen.

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Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul. -Joanne Harris

We go looking for books from our list, but some books come knocking at our soul. We only need to be aware of the knock.

I was listening to the Tim Ferris Podcast with Matthew McConaughey, where he narrates a story about how a book found him. The book The Greatest Salesman In the World by Og Mandino changed the course of his life. He had never read a book before and once he found this, he kept at it.

A flow state can come to the rescue

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“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.”-Eckhart Tolle

I read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and I wish I didn’t have. His book makes you think too much and I found that ironic.

One quick search on Medium itself and you will come across a bunch of people who have expressed their learnings from this masterpiece of a book.

I could not resist either. Because this book blows your mind.

Everyone gets something out of this.

The Power of Now

The book explains what it means to be conscious and to be present. …

A list

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  1. Rape Culture
  2. Eve Teasing
  3. Catcalling
  4. Victim Abuse
  5. Heels
  6. Corsets
  7. Wage Gap
  8. Female Genital Mutilation
  9. Dowry System
  10. Inequal Distribution of House Work
  11. Sexualization of Female Body
  12. Objectification of a woman
  13. Lack of Education
  14. Carrying the male Last Name -Patriarchial lineage
  15. Family honor associated with a woman’s body
  16. Female Foeticide
  17. Abortion Rights
  18. Family Planning Rights
  19. Primary breadwinning responsibility on a man
  20. Primary caregiving of family depends on a woman
  21. Men don't cry
  22. Cool girl syndrome
  23. The bride leaves her parents to live with the groom’s parents (many cultures)
  24. Child Marriage
  25. Slut-Shaming
  26. Lack of women in decision-making positions
  27. A man needs to protect…

We should be able to more than wing it in life

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I grew up a privileged Indian kid whose only responsibility was to get straight A’s. I aced that responsibility. The cherry on the top was apparent smartness and a love for reading.

I could have gotten away with murder, maybe.

My working parents kept their expectations of me to my academics. They were and are extremely proud of me. I was the poster child of my family and extended family.

All my cousins love me but had to fight the shadow of my so-called smartness.

We are all doing good and we all have our individual struggles and challenges. …

Raji Pillay

Technology enthusiast | Book Lover | Curious

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