Gifting books is a hit and miss, albeit a joyous endeavour

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Rage of Angels and Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon were the first two books I received as a gift. It felt like the most thoughtful gift I had ever received. I was thrilled and spent the next few days and night getting through them.

Over the years, I and my book-reading friends have regarded gifting each other books as sacrosanct. These were the only two people I ever considered gifting a book because I knew they love to read and was well versed with their taste.

Fast forward to my 30s and my appreciation for the benefits of…

Inspirational people and stories that will make us think, ponder, and guide us.

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I love books | I love movies | I love podcasts | I love stories

Stories have a way of making us think. They seep into our minds in ways we cannot understand. It is no wonder, that mythology and culture are passed down to generations via stories.

Stories carry messages which make it consumable for us.

All through my years of reading, I stayed away from personal development books. I was biased and categorized them as preachy.

The hype around ‘Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” or “The Road Less Traveled” never made sense to me…

These books are like melting chocolate souffle for your soul

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Man’s Search For Meaning is a great book. It definitely does not make it to this list though. The book, the flowers, and the coffee trying to look like tea in this picture gave me that melting chocolate-lava-cake feeling in my heart.

This feeling reminds of stories.

A rainy evening will always remind an Indian of chai and samosa, essentially a hot cup of tea and a spicy snack. Similarly a lazy day, mushy heart, a hot beverage will always entice a reader to cuddle up with a book.

If you belong to any reading group, every now and then…

Here’s a lesson beyond literature.

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Amanda Gorman rose to fame with her poem “The Hill We Climb”.
And she recited the poem at the presidential inauguration for Joe Biden.

The poem is brilliant.

I watched her reciting a million times with my daughter, like a million others. She was the pied piper, captivating everyone. It wasn’t the words she had strung together but the life she had breathed into them that mesmerized everyone.

Her recital was a pure state of being.

I started following her on all social media platforms and today I watched her interview with Oprah. …

Will it come to bite me in the future?

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I started writing Technology related articles in 2018. My first few articles were on I happened to hear about Medium around that time and until lockdown hit, I stuck to the technology domain.

Writing about my experiences at work was my go-to. The idea was to build my brand in line with my career goals. These articles were written to embellish my resume and my opportunity to get active on Linkedin.

In another life, I used to blog about random things happening in my life. Those weren’t opinions, just musings. The few friends who read it loved it or…

The story is soulful with a touch of magic.

The first time I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho was a decade ago. My friend and I happened to discuss the book and wondered why it was such rage then. Neither of us remembered much, except that the book was about a boy traveling through the desert trying to make some wind.

A few days later The Alchemist showed up on a rack while shopping for stationery. I felt drawn to read it again and make sense of why it is popular.

There were three reasons I picked it again. 1. What was it about the book? 2. Paulo…

First step

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When I started my career in Tech as a 20 something I was quite amused by all the women in tech initiatives. The number of women around me seemed “enough”. The dearth of women in leadership positions never dawned on me. To my young naïve eyes, everything seemed normal.

Here I was a girl in tech, a very good one at it. Why did I need an initiative like “Women In Tech”? Why did anyone need one? Wasn’t it up to each individual to carve out the space they want?

I had failed to recognize the privilege I was born…

Follow Nike’s slogan and just do it.

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All of us have those whimsical goals on our lists. Some of our goals are to make us feel good or at times they give us a sense of achievement or appease our wonder.

Being able to do a handstand, was one of them for me.

Picture of a handstand was on my vision board for years. I attempted it a few times inconsistently and got very easily disappointed. However, being able to do a handstand never lost its appeal.

Mid 2020, my brother motivated me to give it a go again.

Here is what I did and it worked.

YouTube It

Look up videos to understand the basics of…

#3 Let them be

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As a kid, I devoured books. Tinkle and Champak comics bring back my earliest memories of books.

I read anything and everything I could find.

My brother on the other hand became a reader in his 20s. Propelled by my love for reading, our mother got subscriptions for all the comics I used to read as a kid.

Alas, my brother didn’t even look at them. Instead, I savored all those comics even in my teens.

My mother finally gave up on getting him to read.

Later in life, he found his love for personal development and found a common…

Flow State is Love — Healthy Love

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Flow State: Mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus

I have an affinity for self-improvement books. With the time at hand in 2020, I breezed through a handful. They all had one thing in common -Flow State. Or being in a flow state.

Flow state lights up the neural networks during and leads to a spiritual experience.

It made me ponder. It made me curious about if and when I enjoyed the privilege of being in the focus zone.

I curated the below list basis a superficial look at…

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Technology enthusiast | Book Lover | Curious

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