The Power of a Vision Board

It is not about what it can create, It is about what you can.

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I have been head over heel into the Law of Attraction game for a while. Having devoured every book I can lay my hands on to all the articles published, I used to wonder why I don't apply everything I read to make my attraction game strong.

Action is always harder than consuming knowledge.

However, Dr. Joe Dispenza (author of Breaking the Habit of being yourself) is right. Consuming knowledge incessantly wired my neural circuits and I started taking inspired actions on the way. Once the action was taken I started seeing results.

Well, one can debate that those manifestations would have happened — loa or not.

Gratitude was my first action which I took 4 years ago and I am still going strong.

Next came the Vision Board 2 years ago.

Did anything manifest? Hell yes!!!

Did everything manifest? Umm, no.

I re-did my vision board this year again and I realized the physical manifestation of wishes is awesome. You almost want to dance with joy when thoughts transform into reality.

However, the interesting part of creating the vision board is not the manifestation of your dreams, but it is about going inwards and expanding your imagination.

Knowing thyself

Before I started my first vision board, I thought filling it up with images of all the million things I want in life would be easy. It wasn’t hard. However, it did get me thinking about what truly inspired me. When you believe it can appear in your reality, you pause before you wish for it.

So, you want a bag? You need to search for the bag that you want. When you start that search you won’t just pick A Bag, but you will look for The Bag that closely resembles the one you want.

If you are looking for peace, you will only stop at an image that resonates with your vision of feeling peaceful.

Every image talks to you. When you feel the vibe once, you will look further and deeper. As you start collecting the pictures for your board, you will ponder about what you truly want.

The brain starts firing in different ways when you focus on that one task — determining what you want and it will go a step ahead and shed more light on your wishes making them clearer.

This search is not on the internet, this search takes you inwards. And that is what makes the process beautiful.

Part of You on a page

I didn't realize it the first time around, the second time though when I sat and really spent time with my board, I realized all the images painted a picture of a part of me. My dreams and my motivations were there in image form in front of me, for everyone to see.

It even made me question my choices and priorities.

You cannot hide from yourself when you are looking at a part of you. It will make you reconsider, re-asses, and reaffirm what you think and how you think.

And it will make you ecstatic. Your imagination, your motivation, and your creativity will make your heart soar.

Will it make you feel stupid and scared when you look at your lofty goals? Absolutely!!! But more often it will give you a kick. Every time you feel scared, pause, and tell yourself you have nothing to lose by dreaming big.

Creating a vision board makes you push your imagination, makes you tap into your courage to wish for the sky (whatever the sky means to you) and a bit more.

A Vision Board is a way of going inwards and expressing it outwardly. It is a process of thinking.

A Vision Board comes in an array of flavors: a manual board, a digital board, that one image as your wallpaper, that link you keep visiting to look at what you want, that person whose interview you keep watching because you aspire to imbibe some qualities, those conversations with your loved ones where you open up about your dreams.

Would I recommend creating a vision board? Clearly, yes. It's fun too.

However, everyone has their own process and way of thinking and focusing.

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