Why We Label Ourselves?

Why we should not?

Raji Pillay


Photo by Packhelp on Unsplash

Walking in any aisle of a grocery store pick up any packet. The back provides us with information on what is the composition of the product, what is the nutritional make -up and maybe how to use it.

No matter which packet of the same thing we pick up, the make-up and use remain the same.

A packet of sugar cannot be used to add spice to a curry.

You and Me are not spices.

You and I are not one-dimensional.

You and I are not made in a batch.

There is only one of You and one of Me.

Labels make their way into our lives from the day we are born.

We are a girl or a boy. We are dark or we are fair. We are chubby or skinny.

This saga continues up till our death.
We were “something”.

Growing up, the labels assigned to us start to make an imprint on our minds. They start looking like the nutritional value table printed on the back of a product. They start to define us. We start associating with them.

Label Design Factory

If you are an adult reading this, you must be acutely aware of how messed up we all are, in our own sweet and sour ways.



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