Preparation is important when the intent is a successful outcome.

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Do you work a 9–5 job? If yes, it is impossible that the thought of switching roles outside or within the organization has not crossed your mind.

I have sat at both sides of the interview table in my 15+ years of career in technology. (the ‘+’ is so that you can think highly of my recommendations below)

Some of the interviews I have given, still haunt me. …

The Simon Sinek, Greg McKeown, and Marie Kondo way to a not-disorganized home.

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I can never be lost. If I ever am, tracing me would be simple because I leave a trail of clues behind, no matter what I do. I can never be involved in crime either, for the same reason.

Binged on Netflix? The half-eaten packet of chips and dips on the coffee table is a clue.
Had a shower? The hair on the bathroom floor, the wet towel, and the strewn underwear on the floor are proof.
When I walk out of the kitchen it looks like a tsunami-ravaged place.

The examples are meant to highlight my natural tendencies. My…

Meditation can open up Pandora’s box of emotions.

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Meditation was supposed to make the fireball that I am, zen-like. I imagined my sunshiny persona zing more and my reactions to situations calmer. In fact, I imagined myself getting instigated less and less. I was eventually going to turn into a female version of the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Jay Shetty, with people asking me how I managed to build this calm vibe about me.

I can still visualize myself in a long flowing white gown with a halo on my head.

Meditating an hour every day worked contrary. I am no longer sunshiny all the time. My heart…

I went ahead and did just that

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It is a crime to be born brown in a brown community. That's funny.

It didn't feel hilarious growing up. The constant reminder that I was dark-skinned and applying certain face packs or creams will lighten my skin and make me a tad bit better looking, was not ideal for my confidence.

I was a very smart kid. Everyone told me so. I believed it and held on to it for dear life because without it I had nothing. I wasn’t good-looking they said.

To be honest, I was a shy but confident little kid, a confident little teenager, and…

The more we write the more we connect with the universe

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This is my second attempt at capturing the essence of what I want to say. As a writer or creator, one understands this connection intuitively.

I will attempt to explain it intellectually.

This month I have been writing every single day, not publishing but writing. My mind is brimming with ideas I want to share. I have been writing before going to bed, and my dreams are interspersed with my writing.

But my ego interrupts.

My ego wonders why anyone would want to read what I have to say, it questions my credibility, it looks down upon my experiences, it…

approved and certified by my 10-year-old

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One evening I asked my almost 10-year-old daughter if she could suggest some topics I could write about.

Her answer made me happy and weepy all at the same time.

You should write about how you guys raise me. You do a good job.

Those words were music to my ears. I acknowledged her idea and told her it would make more sense if she told me what exactly we do that has been helpful for her so that I can share through my article.

Let me get this out of the way, we have our fair share of moments…

Haruki Murakami’s memoir is the simplest Murakami book you will ever read, but equally insightful.

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My husband is not a reader(at all) but he loves seeing me and my daughter read. The more engrossed he finds me in a book, the more he loves it. His pride and joy in seeing us read, are both strange and endearing.

I was nose deep in Barack Obama’s book for a few hours and I kept looking up and relaying tidbits from the book (it has a bucketload of tidbits). His joy took over and he said “It’s our anniversary in a week, buy some books as an anniversary gift.”

One never lets go of an opportunity to…

Be the spider who understands the web, not the fly caught in it.

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Let me get this out of the way — Meditation is a powerful tool in our toolkit to navigate life.

Remember that argument with your partner? Both of you hurling the perceived wrongdoings at each other, from the distant past. The situation that started the argument long forgotten. Followed by at least a day of teething in anger and resentment.

Remember when the person you don't get along with said something and your thoughts got consumed with everything they said or did and how they are a nasty little piece of gum?

Remember when the fear of an impending situation…

Gifting books is a hit and miss, albeit a joyous endeavour

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Rage of Angels and Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon were the first two books I received as a gift. It felt like the most thoughtful gift I had ever received. I was thrilled and spent the next few days and night getting through them.

Over the years, I and my book-reading friends have regarded gifting each other books as sacrosanct. These were the only two people I ever considered gifting a book because I knew they love to read and was well versed with their taste.

Fast forward to my 30s and my appreciation for the benefits of…

Inspirational people and stories that will make us think, ponder, and guide us.

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I love books | I love movies | I love podcasts | I love stories

Stories have a way of making us think. They seep into our minds in ways we cannot understand. It is no wonder, that mythology and culture are passed down to generations via stories.

Stories carry messages which make it consumable for us.

All through my years of reading, I stayed away from personal development books. I was biased and categorized them as preachy.

The hype around ‘Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” or “The Road Less Traveled” never made sense to me…

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